Is Your Life A Constant Struggle Because You Have Bad Credit?


How would you like to be able to... 

Remove Collections, Chargeoffs, Judgments, Bankruptcy, Credit Inquiries or
any Bad Credit From Your Credit Report?


Do It Yourself Credit Repair 

Well good, because soon you will be able to proudly run a credit check with no shame!

Do You Really Want To Live Like This?


You got into an accident by no fault of your own and your car is totaled. Because it's such an old car, it's worth more alive than dead and you can't get enough money out of it to get another one. How are you going to get to work, grocery store, pick up kids, etc.?


Turned Down For Refrigerator Loan Due To Bad Credit


Your refrigerator died and all the food is starting to spoil. You hop on over to the nearest appliance store to get a new one and apply for financing. After what seems like hours, the salesperson comes over to you and says that you've been turned down because of your credit. How are you going to manage without a refrigerator?


Can't Get Loan For College Due To Bad Credit


You can't send your kids to college because you don't have any money and no one will give you a loan since your credit is so bad. How are you going to explain that to your kids?


Racked Up Credit Card Debt


You can't get a student loan to finish college because you partied a little too hearty with your credit cards and didn 't pay them your credit stinks! How are you going to be able to get your degree and graduate?



Denied Credit To Pay For Vet Bill


 Your dog ate an apricot from the backyard and the pit got stuck in his stomach. He needs an expensive surgery to have it removed or he will die. You don't have the money and your credit is so bad, no one will approve you for any. Do you have to let your dog die?


Pay To Cash Checks Due To Bad Credit


You're afraid to keep money in a bank account because you're worried that the account will be levied and the creditors you owe money to will suck it all out.... Will you always have to " pay" to get your checks cashed?



Can't Refinance Due To Bad Credit

 The rate on your mortgage has adjusted and the payments went up higher than you can afford to pay. You're trying to refinance, but because of your low credit score, you can't qualify. If you can't make the payments, you're going to lose the house...


Can't Rent Due To Bad Credit


Your house was foreclosed upon and you need to find a place to rent. All the landlords you've contacted want to check your credit and none of them have agreed to let you rent from them because it's that bad... Where are you and your family going to live? 

Did You Know That It Costs Much More To Do Nothing About Bad Credit Than It Does To Optimize It?

 You may not realize it, but every 1% point on a thirty year mortgage is equivalent to about 25% of the amount financed: $200,000.00 loan at 7% will cost you $60,000.00 MORE over thirty years than $200,000.00 at 6%.

 A $25,000.00 auto loan for 5 years at 6% will cost you $7,500 if you have good credit. With bad credit, the same loan at 18% will cost you $22,500....that's $15,000 MORE!

 The difference in monthly auto insurance rates can differ approximately $200 a MONTH between someone with good credit versus someoine with poor credit. If you're the one with poor credit, you're paying $2,400 MORE every year, over someone with good credit.

Now you know that THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS can be saved by having "good" to "excellent" credit scores. A good credit score by today's standards would be 720 and above.

An excellent credit score (760+) is what you want to aim for if you want the absolute best interest rates and terms.

Bad Credit Can Be Very Costly! 

Whether you have NO Credit, LOW Credit, or BAD Credit – Don't let it stop you from taking charge and reclaiming your life.


Credit Repair

"Surviving Your Credit Meltdown"

Learn the hidden tactics the credit bureaus don't want the general public to use because they are forced to remove those negative  items which hurt you!

I'm going to teach you everything you need to know in my course, “Surviving Your Credit Meltdown". Here you will be armed with all the tools to skyrocket your credit score and start taking advantage of the many benefits that come with it.

I will help you improve your Credit Rating by showing you 8 Simple Steps to improve the accuracy of your Credit Report and educate you on how to maintain your restored credit.

I guarantee that with “Surviving Your Credit Meltdown"   you'll totally understand the inner workings of our credit system – and be able to immediately use your newfound knowledge to your advantage.

Heck, even most millionaires don't know this stuff.

Regardless of the credit hole you've dug for yourself, I can show you how to dramatically improve your credit score and clear your credit report in less than 90 days.

Let's face it: No one is immune to credit difficulties; circumstances change. Even people who have tucked money safely away can get into financial trouble.

And, that's exactly why “Surviving Your Credit Meltdown" was created to help you turn your financial woes into credit building opportunities.

If you have a less than desirable credit score or if you don't have a clue what your credit score actually is, then “Surviving Your Credit Meltdown"  is for you.

After living with less-than-perfect-credit myself for a period of time, I know what it feels like not being able to use credit as a financial tool and being cut off and shut out when I really needed it.

I want to assist YOU to regain this vital tool for life, GOOD CREDIT.

You do not have to live with bad credit... 

Make Credit Bureaus Work For You

Use the Law to YOUR advantage...Make the Credit Bureau's work for YOU!

  Learn how to make ONE EASY PHONE CALL to cut your credit card payments in half.

    What is "The Secret" the Credit Repair companies DO NOT want you to know? (This "secret" is all you need to know to ERASE NEGATIVE MARKS FROM YOUR CREDIT!)


    How to possibly eliminate late payments from your credit report!


    Remove unauthorized credit inquiries.

  What are the legal time frames the bureaus must adhere to after you submit a dispute, and how do you benefit if they run out of time before resolving your dispute?

  Settle with your creditors 10cents on the dollar.

  A full-proof way to get Collection Agencies out of your life. (A strategy so unique and effective that you'll be amazed why no one has thought of it before.)

  Learn why paying credit cards in full can actually give you LESS credit. I'll show you exactly how much to charge and how much to pay off each month to MAXIMIZE YOUR CREDIT SCORE.

  What negative credit information is still showing on your credit report that is NOT supposed to be there anymore?

  What to do as soon as you miss your first house payment!

  See what bankruptcy information banks and credit card companies are hiding from you. This is good news for anyone who has filed for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

    Discover the dreaded Red Flags the Credit Bureaus use in your redit report that can prevent you from getting a loan.

    What important things you MUST KNOW before calling a Credit Counseling or Debt Consolidation Company!

  Discover the very first steps you must take to protect yourself when you discover you are a victim of Identity Theft or Frozen Credit.

  What you MUST KNOW before you sign up for any FREE CREDIT REPORT service.

  Where can you get your credit report for FREE every year from each of the 3 major credit reporting agencies?

    How to protect yourself if you’re facing a divorce!


    How to re-establish good credit after suffering your meltdown!


    You will get pre-written powerful & effective dispute letters to get the negative items off your credit report. 


Time Frame Credit Bureau Must Adhere To

Dealing With The Credit Bureaus…

  What are the legal time frames the bureaus must adhere to after you submit a dispute, and how do you benefit if they run out of time before resolving your dispute?

  What is the most effective way to submit disputes with the credit bureaus?

  How to take advantage of the BEST TIMING! Discover the best time of year to contact credit bureaus about your disputes.

  Exactly WHAT should you dispute on your credit report?

  How do you dispute multiple items on your credit report, so the credit bureaus do not consider your request as being "frivolous" or "unlawful"?

  Why you DON'T want to send in any kind of proof of an item you're disputing....


Once You Get Your Report Back...

I'm also going to teach you tips and tricks on how to deal with legitimate derogatory items that REMAIN on your credit report, in an effort to get them removed or resolved...

Get Negative Items Off My Credit








WAIT! That's Not All...

Because of the current state of the economy, I want to do more than just show you how to repair your credit.

I want to empower you with information on credit that you've probably never even heard of.

So, in addition...

I've attached 38 MORE Chapters...

Yes, you read that right...38 more chapters! You're going to know just about every single fact on how your credit scores are derived, what you need to watch out for, what habits you need to implement, and much, much more..... 

   Here's some highlights of other Popular Chapters: 

Bankruptcy Options


  What are my options in lieu of Bankruptcy?
  How does Bankruptcy affect my credit?
  Will I qualify under the "Bankruptcy Means Test" to eliminate all my debts?
  What debts CAN'T I eliminate if I file Bankruptcy?
  How do I re-establish credit after Bankruptcy?
  Help me minimize the negative effects after filing Bankruptcy...
   Show me how the Credit Bureaus are supposed to report any accounts that are included in my Bankruptcy...

Collection Accounts

  How do Collection Accounts affect my credit?
   How do I get rid of multiple entires showing for the same account?
  How do I erase Collection Accounts off my credit?
  When NOT to pay a Collection Account...
  How to negotiate a settlement AND get it removed from your credit report...
  What are my rights? A Debt Collector CANNOT...
  Can the Collection Agency file a lawsuit against me?
  How can I STOP the Debt Collector from calling me....EVER?

Divorce & Child Support

  How can Divorce impact my credit?
  My ex is racking up the credit cards...I need it to stop!
  How do I separate our jointly held accounts? Who gets the house and the mortgage?
  What happens if I don't separate my credit from my ex?
  I don't have my own credit without my ex...what do I do?
  Can I get Child Support paid to me automatically?
  What happens if I don't pay Child Support?
   How does Child Support impact my credit?


Mortgage Troubles
  I can't afford to pay this month's house payment....what do I do now?
   Why you shouldn't miss that THIRD house payment...
  What are the different options my lender can offer me?
  My loan is with a Servicing Company not a Direct do I get them to work with me?
  I'm a I get any special consideration?
  How can I find out how much my home is worth?
  What do I do if I need to sell my house but my loan is higher than my house value?
  I sold my house on a Short Sale. Is my lender going to come after me for the difference?
  How do I get the IRS to forgive the difference in my Short Sale?

Establish or Re-Establish Credit

  I have no credit at do I go about establishing credit?
  What is the best age to start establishing credit?
  How do I establish a strong credit history?
  Can Student Loans help me establish credit?
  I'm an Authorized User on someone's account....does this help my credit?
  Will getting someone to Co-Sign help me build credit?
  What is a Secured Card and can I get one of those to build credit?
  How can I get my cell phone or electric company bills to report on my credit?

Now, Let's Take This Even Further... 

You'll also find out things you've never known about credit, which will keep your credit score at heights you've never seen before!


  •   Annual Fees 
  •   Apartment Leases  
  •   Balance-To-Limit Ratio-aka Credit Utilization  Rate  
  •   Balance Transfers  
  •   Chex Systems     
  •   Closed-Paid-Settled Accounts  
  •   Credit Limits  
  •   Deferred Payment Accounts  
  •   "DOLA" Date of Last Activity  
  •   Duplicate Accounts  
  •   Employment Information  
  •   Identity Theft, Fraud Alerts & Credit Freezes  
  •   Inactive Accounts  
  •   Medical Bills
      Mortgage Lenders 
  •   Military - Active Duty  
  •   Moving to/from the U.S.  
  •   Name Variations  
  •   Opt Out of Pre-Screened Credit Offers  
  •   Scams  
  •   Statements Added To Your Credit History  


And We Don't Stop There...

You're also going to get Sample Letters that you can use to:

  • Creditor, Please Remove Late Payments   
  • Dispute Items Through the Credit Bureaus   
  • Dispute Errors on Credit Card Bills   
  • Confirm Payment Arrangements   
  • Close Inactive Accounts with Zero Balances   
  • Debt Settlement Offer Letter   
  • Payment Refusal & Termination Letter  
  • Letter to STOP Debt Collection Calls  

Plus....  A script that you can use to Negotiate Lower Payments with your creditors!


  Everything a Credit Repair Company Does
You Can Do It Now Too...

You're Approved

Wouldn't it be great to walk into any bank, car dealership or store and apply for credit with all the confidence of knowing you'll be approved?

This stuff really works! If you want to increase your credit scores, it doesn't get any easier than this. Just read, follow directions and sit back and watch it happen. It's not rocket science or brain surgery and anyone who can read, can do this.

"Surviving Your Credit Meltdown" is way more than a simple credit course. It's a comprehensive, step-by-step, easy to follow, complete credit course which covers everything you've ever wanted to know about credit reports, bill collectors, credit bureaus, loans, banks....and more!

Most Importantly, you'll learn Step-By-Step how to increase your credit score fast! These secrets can save you literally thousands of dollars, as well as get those pesky creditors off your back.


Check out some testimonials from others who have bought this book...

No matter how you slice it, divorce is difficult. For me, dealing with credit issues throughout my divorce process was an underlying source of stress and strain. I was in an enormous amount of denial when it came to accepting the fact that my credit may get destroyed if I didn't inform myself wisely. I searched online and came up with a lot of what I call "bogus" websites on how to prevent my credit from going down the toilet. My 30 year good credit history was in jeopardy and I knew I needed to act fast! I found Taylor McKenzie's "Surviving Your Credit Meltdown" online and I found the book to be highly informative and very useful for my needs with the divorce. I learned what to do and most importantly what NOT to do. The book empowered me to save what I had worked so hard for my entire adult life.

The tips helped me survive the divorce in more ways than one. I didn't want to lose my dignity over this life change and the book's 8 Step System was very user friendly and useful for me. Also, with time of the essence I was able to easily navigate the program with ease and expedition. I am happy to say that I have come through the divorce process free from any credit blips. I took control and used "Surviving Your Credit Meltdown" excellent wealth of information to come through clean! Today my score is actually better than it was when I was married, that says a whole lot for the program and what it has done for me financially and emotionally! I highly recommend "Surviving Your Credit Meltdown" worked for me!

Donna Persico
Page Matthews

Buying Taylor McKenzie's Credit Trauma Book was one of the best things I have done recently to help me a great deal when negotiating with my lender regarding my short sale of my home. Her book helped me to understand what the lender was looking for, and what to do so it would only affect my credit score as minimally as possible under the circumstance.

Mark Robson

How Do You Know If This Program Is For You?

 You Need This eBook If...

  • Your credit score is below 720  
  • You're sick of being turned down for credit  
  • You want the best interest rates on credit cards, home loans and auto loans  
  • You want lower payments on your home and/or auto insurance  
  • You want to get a job in an industry that has a credit check requirement  

So, if you order TODAY, 

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1st BONUS - Value $29.00

Surviving Your Credit Meltdown Video Tutorial

In this first BONUS, you're going to get 3 videos walking you Step-by-Step through's on-line dispute system.

Because you only get ONE SHOT each year to dispute any errors and inaccuracies through each bureau on-line, these videos will be an invaluable source of information to make sure you get it done RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! Once you get out, you cannot get back in for another year!

You'll be guided though all the screens so you become familiar with what each looks like and get an idea of what can be accomplished through each bureau.

Make sure you watch these videos before you try it yourself, so you are armed with the knowledge, tips and tricks you'll need in order to optimize your credit as fully as possible.

2nd BONUS - Value $39.00

SYCM Credit Expert Interview & Transcript

Your second BONUS is an over 2 HOUR AUDIO INTERVIEW, plus the typed e-Transcript with the National Accounts Manager at Advantage Credit, which is a national mortgage credit reporting agency.

You'll be ABSOLUTELY AMAZED at all the topics we covered on this interview. You're going to find out things even I wasn't aware of, and I've been in this industry for almost 20 years!

Below, I've pasted some excerpts from the transcript so you can see some of the invaluable information you're going to get...

Below, I've pasted some excerpts from the transcript so you can see some of the invaluable information you're going to get...

Collection Accounts...

"...Unfortunately that is a very oftentimes a misconception that consumers have, "Hey I had some problems right out of college and I now I have a great job and I can go back pay those things off", and be it maybe it was 4,5,6 years ago and these things are still lingering, but they haven't updated on the report. They go back and make good on that bad debt and all of a sudden their scores plummet because now all of those collection accounts re-report with new report dates, new activity dates and the zero balance does not outweigh the negative impact that occurs when that activity date comes current. Unfortunately that is something that is in the system, and I always try to shy people away from taking those types of actions, and to really be specific on looking at the activity dates to try to prevent that from happening."


"...Well, I've seen people that we've done rapid rescores on that were 6 months out of a bankruptcy and they had accounts that weren't reported correctly. The bankruptcy had discharged and we did a rescore, got all of the items that were included in the bankruptcy to show as discharged and they had a score rebalance. I've seen it in 6 months. They had re-established one or two accounts, got everything else reported properly and their scores jumped tremendously when they got all of that information to report properly at the bureau level. Is that something to go on? Not necessarily because again, each person differs in their situation with what they're including in discharging, what they're reaffirming, if they're reaffirming anything and how long other pay history they have is going to play a factor on how it will take to re-establish. But I mean, truly any consumer could potentially be re-established in as short as 6 months."

Optimizing Your Credit...

"...Well, we covered collection accounts and bankruptcies and things like that and the best ways to really make sure that the payment history is as polished as it can be, is check for any erroneous lates; see if maybe there is a 60 day late out there reporting on an account that you can never recall being late on and if it's something that is not valid you dispute it with the creditor or with the bureaus and have them correct it. Even if it is a valid debt or a valid late payment on a debt, a lot of time creditors, if you've had an account history with them for a long period of time are willing to provide a one-time courtesy to the customer and remove a late like that."

"Those types of actions can definitely help improve and clean up that payment history. Also check on collection accounts. As we said earlier, the "date of last activity" should report "when the delinquency occurred" and not a date of collection or not when they bought that debt or not just because they want to re-report every month. That's not proper reporting. With bankruptcies again, check to make sure the date of last activity shows no later than the discharge date because you can get those things cleaned up just merely by having your bankruptcy documentation. And then check to see if anything exceeds purge dates by the bureaus, the purge dates that we talked about for judgements, bankruptcies, and trade lines. If you have an old outstanding debt, it's 7 years from the last activity date. Dispute it with the bureaus, and normally the bureaus will just purge it. All of those actions can help improve that payment history factor which has the biggest impact on the borrower's score."

These excerpts above are just a tiny fraction of the entire interview. As you can see from the information that I've included above, there is a wealth of information that you can gain from listening to this interview which will help you understand things you can do to optimize your own credit. 


Try  "Surviving Your Credit Meltdown"100% RISK FREE!  

You can try my “Surviving Your Credit Meltdown” e-course absolutely RISK FREE for 30 days!

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Points to keep in mind...

If you have bad credit, most credit cards are entirely out of reach. The few credit cards that are available to you typically require exorbitant setup fees and high interest rates or recurring monthly fees, offer very low credit lines, and often require cash deposits.

An auto loan can cost thousands more in interest if you finance the automobile with bad credit.

A typical home loan can cost hundreds of thousands more in interest if you are purchasing the home with bad credit.

Take The First Step NOW to Alleviate Your Credit Trauma!

I'll be looking forward to hearing about your success!

Warmest Regards,
Taylor McKenzie

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